About 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 doesn't introduce many new features, but some - and also, some breaking changes - some in the form of different behaviour, some in the form of removal of functionality we deem to not be worth their weight.

The core functionality of <Portal> and <PortalTarget> isn't affected by these changes. The two major areas that are affected are:

  1. Rendering to a DOM element outside of your Vue app - in 1.0.0 this was done with the targetEl prop
  2. Sliming down the API of the Wormhole object, since it offered some APIs that - in our experience - offered little value in the end.
  3. Simplifying the transitions API

Things we added

Source & Target registration & duplicate checks

<Portal> and <PortalTarget> components now register themselves with the plugin (and unregister again when they are destroyed).

That allows us to provide warnings if you try to create a component with a name that already exists.

You can also check for this programmatically with Wormhole.hasSource() / .hasTarget()


The new <MountingPortal> component is a wrapper around the normal <Portal>. It's job is to mount a <PortalTarget> for the <Portal> to send its content to.

This job was previously solved through the targetEl prop on the <Portal> itself, but the functionality was insuffient and broke more easily.

See API Docs for MountingPortal

Things we changed


Setting a Transition for the <PortalTarget> now requires a locally or globally registered reusable transition component, which simplifies the API and reduces code in the <PortalTarget> component itself, and allows developers to use their own transitions that follow the pattern from the docs very easily.

More info:

PortalTarget @change event

Previously, this event emitted the actual old and new content of the portal, which means: arrays containing vnodes.

There never was a real usacase for this, so we now only emit true or false depending on whether the component has content or not, which allowed us to drop a nice little bit of code.

Things we removed

Various Wormhole methods

We removed the following methods:

  • Wormhole.hasContentFor()
  • Wormhole.getSourceFor()
  • Wormhole.getContentFor()

Things we fixed

Various problems with Portal.targetEl prop

The implementation of the targetEl behaviour had various problems, i.e. overwriting existing portal-targets on the same element, no working when passed a discrete element, replacing the targeted mount element and so forth.

These isses are all fixed with the revamped bahaviour that's managed by the <MountingPortal> component now.